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Empowering small UK business owners with the knowledge to make the right decisions first time.
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“I want to focus on my business without worrying about the paperwork”

You bring the passion - we provide the experience!

Owning a small business can be lonely and confusing.  It can feel overwhelming how many different things you need to understand: Bookkeeping, GDPR, Health & Safety and Trademarking and many more. 

With so much misinformation, knowing where to find the right information to make the right decisions can be the biggest hurdle.  The fear of doing things wrong, or being swamped with paperwork, can also hold you back.

You may be bewildered or frustrated as you feel you should understand it, but the paperwork appears over-complicated.  And throwing money at the problem doesn’t always make it go away and may cost you more in the long run!

Fundamentally, you want to make a living doing something you enjoy with the freedom of being your own boss!

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About us

“We help you get on with running your business”

Liz Sexton director of Stressfree Business
Doug Showell director of Stressfree Business

We are a husband and wife team who have run our own successful small events businesses for 26 years.  We both previously worked for large companies and understand how daunting it feels when you give up the security and support of working for someone else to go it alone.

Liz is known for her meticulous attention to detail and for leaving no stone unturned, having started her career as a “big 4” chartered accountant and management consultant.

Doug is a creative, known for thinking outside the box and relishes finding a solution to every problem.  He is a qualified teacher and former senior sales consultant.

Not just hands-on, we’ve been up to our elbows with every aspect of running our businesses.  We’ve personally taken on the mantle of bookkeeper, employer, internal auditor, statutory reporter, compliance administrator, health & safety officer and legal representative, to name a few!

We feel there’s nothing quite like being your own boss.  Owning a business is rewarding, satisfying and gives a great sense of achievement.  We don’t believe in shortcuts or quick wins.  Businesses that stand the test of time have owners who put the effort in and take their business seriously.

Having “been there, done it and got the T-shirt”, we introduced Stressfree Business to help people who love being their own boss and can benefit from our experience and knowledge.  Our aim is to remove the hindsight so you can avoid the pitfalls, anxiety and stress.

You bring the passion - we provide the experience!

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Helping small business owners find the right information first time.

Our Facebook community is a free group for like-minded small UK business owners who want to get on with the fun bits of their business.

We show you where to find the right information, so you have the confidence that you are doing everything properly from the start.

We have weekly tips and talks in the group including our Lunchtime Live every Thursday at 1pm.

We also interview small business owners about their business journey and tap into their knowledge and experience, plus their advice for others.

And, of course, we share ideas, experiences, questions and answers.

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"We give you the confidence to do the bits you want to do yourself AND enable you to choose the most appropriate advisors"

You bring the passion - we provide the experience!

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