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Blog post cover image for venue stylists talking about health and safety considerations when working in other people's premises

Working in other people’s premises

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As a venue stylist it can be daunting getting to grips with the various aspects of Health and Safety law and how this applies to your business. However, getting into good practice, knowing your responsibilities, is vital.

blog cover image for designing and building a new website

Designing & building a website

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In this blog post we consider the 4 most important aspects to consider when designing and building a new website for your venue styling business.

blog post cover image about employing young people in your venue styling business

Employing young people

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There are huge benefits to you in employing younger (and older) people in your venue styling business, but do you know the law regarding child employment and what you as an employer need to do to be compliant?

blog cover image for blog post about data protection for venue stylists

Data Protection for Venue Stylists

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If you are thinking of setting up a venue styling business, then one of the very first things you will need to think about, possibly before you have even started selling your services or products, is Data Protection.